Sunday, August 30, 2009

iPhone 3GS : The Good, the Bad and The Unneccessary.

Now I know I may not be the best person to be writing this blog but this nerd's got nothing better to do this weekend. This is my first iPhone and my first Apple product in a while and not to mention the first high-end phone in my possession. My old phone was a Nokia 6030 which had no camera, no 3G, no sleek design, and absolutely NO features that would turn heads in 2009. So you can guess what my reaction to getting THE last 32GB White iPhone 3GS in stock would be.


The iPhone 3GS comes out of the factory with :
  • New processor which according to Apple and launches messages 2.1 faster than the 3G. Its also more eco-friendly.
  • New 3.0 megapixel camera with touch-focus which automatically adjusts white balance as you select the subject of the picture.This also works with the video function but after you start filming you can't change focus to another object. Videos are stored in the Camera Roll with the pictures, not in the iPod's video library. You can also trim the video right after filming with the new trim function and send it to YouTube or Mobile Me.
  • The S stands for speed and the new iPhone is wayy faster than the 3G -boooriiing. I live in an area with no 3G and the GSM connection has rendered my 200 euro phone useless.(I go to a park everyday to get 3G connectivity)
  • The 3GS supports more complicated 3D graphics which is good for gamers.
  • Same design but comes in 32GB models featuring white and black backplates along with the usual 16GB black and white. Apple have continued selling he 8GB black 3G for customers wanting and even more basic package. Get 3.8 ounces heavier too.
  • The battery is said to last longer (I wouldnt know; I never owned an iPhone 3G) but I bet that's cancelled out by the energy demands of the new processor and all that I guess. I've never been stranded out in the big bad world without battery power on my iPhone yet, probably because I dont overuse it. Outings in the park with some family are ideal for picture taking, but day-long events like a wedding + reception will require that trusty Cyber-Shot or a portable iPhone backup battery pack.
  • Voice Control is absolutely brilliant because if your a runner or cycler who doesn't mind looking weird talking to his earphones, it lets you tell your iPhone with a set of commands. Eg: "Play music/songs by James Brown", or "Dial Dad Mobile".
Interesting Stuff

Get your 3GS and give it a tap on the back between the camera and Sleep/Power button. Heard that? If you did that properly you can hear a little rattle. They say that's the Auto-Focus mechanism vibrating to the impact of the tap. This is only a problem with the 3GS not the 3G.


The iPhone 3GS comes with the new 3.0 firmware which meant the Dev-Team had to make a new version of redsn0w; nothing new. But is there any point in jailbreaking a new version of the iPhone? HELL YEAH! Apple have this policy where they purposely make their products crappy to make them look classy as a manufacturer. Dont get it? Its like choosing to put spinners or off-road wheels on an SUV. Spinners look good but they don’t serve the purpose of the SUV. It's not the best thing to do for your iPhone but it makes it a hell of alot easier to show off when you have a video wallpaper and a neon dock , if done right. Otherwise your phone just looks so overdone like a Hyundai with a body kit and too many pieces of chrome attached to it. My iPhone is jailbroken and uses an array of applications that would instantly give Steve Jobs a heart-attack on exposure, such as a Youtube app which can download video in high and low quality(MxTube). It's worth jailbreaking but *please* make it look authentic. It is a bit of a pain getting it jailbroken and some of the apps from Cydia dont even try to look as if they were an original Apple application. I'm planning on posting a jailbreak guide to my blog, but for now you can use this one.



  1. you'd better post the jailbreak guide! :)
    good post.

  2. wow twin ... great going, we looked at this in web design and i was like omg THIS IS MY BEST FRIENDS BLOG!!! :P